Take your label and stuff it! {diy thread & trimming-stuffed quilt labels}

This is my second year participating in #IGQuiltFest, a daily photo challenge on Instagram, hosted by Amy Ellis from Amy’s Creative Side! Unlike the previous week-long #IGQuiltFest challenges, this year it’s running for the whole month of March! 31 days of quilty photo prompts?! Heck yes!!

Yesterday’s prompt was STASH. I shared a photo of my stash bin along with the following caption:


I received a ton of positive feedback and a few questions asking exactly what it is that I do with all those saved thread cuts and trimmings. One easy way to use them, is to stuff them into 3D projects (pin cushions, pillows, etc.)

Another way to use them, is to hide them between quilt layers! To keep them from showing through the quilt top, they’re best stuffed between the batting and quilt back (as long as your backing fabric is dark enough to keep the threads from showing through). When I make mini quilts, I like to double up my batting — it makes my quilting pop a little more and also gives the mini a more stable shape and weight. An easy method of thread hiding is to sandwich your thread cuts between the two layers of batting. Those babies aren’t going anywhere! 😉

So, this brings me to today’s prompt, LABELS! I tried to think of a way to incorporate using up all those threads and trimmings with making quilt labels. And guys… I came up with something that I totally love and I think you will too! Ready?? You stuff the labels WITH THE TRIMMINGS! Genius, I know!

How to make Thread Stuffed Hidey Pillow Labels!

Well, I’m sure there’s a better name for it, but ya know.

Step 1: Make the label.

Cut your fabric to size, adding a little bit extra for folding under the raw edges.

I have several cuts of eyelet trim from upcycled vintage sheets that I’ve been hoping to find a use for. This seemed like a perfect solution!

Step 2: Write the info on your label.

Since my labels were being created from a textured material, I chose to layer a second, solid fabric over top. I used a Pilot FriXion pen, which has a thermo-sensitive gel ink that disappears when heated, to draw straight lines, then filled in my label info with a permanent marker.

The FriXion pen completely disappears when heat is applied, but be wary (!!!) the ink does leave a lighter bleached looking line behind, so you definitely DON’T want to use it on darker fabrics where it could easily show up when you don’t want it to (see photo in step 3).

Step 3: Sew label fabrics together.

You would obviously skip this step if you’re only using one fabric for your label. FYI – you can see the white line left behind from the FriXion pen in the photo below. While it’s not so noticeable on lighter colored fabrics, it can be a very unwelcome outcome on darker colors.

I’ve got my labels sewn together – time to add them to the quilt!

Step 4: Attach your label.

Flip your quilt over and pin, or glue baste, your label to the back of your quilt. Sew along the top and sides of your label only, keeping the bottom open. Make sure you don’t take your needle through all of the layers of your quilt.

Step 5: Stuff your label!

After securing the top and sides of your label, fill it with your threads and trimmings. The larger your label, the more you can stuff. The less filling you use, the flatter your label will be… or you can use more filling to create a 3D pillowy effect. If you’re making a wall hanging, you’ll want to use less, so it hangs flat.

Step 6: Finish your label.

Close up your thread pillow by sewing the bottom edge of your label to your quilt.

Take a step back and admire your super sustainable thread stuffed hidey pillow label because you, my friend, are allllll finished with that baby!

Can you think of any other sustainable ways to hide your thread cuttings and fabric trimmings? Let me know!

And if you try this label method out, be sure to post a photo to Instagram and tag me! @gypsymoonquilts

To read my post from #IGQuiltFest 2016, click here!

Happy labeling!


3 thoughts on “Take your label and stuff it! {diy thread & trimming-stuffed quilt labels}

  1. Yasss – such a nifty idea to STUFF our labels 😉

    BTW – be careful with those frixion pens and markers, they can bleach your fabrics.

    Now, on top of keeping all my fabric scraps, I may just need to store my leftover threads!! I think I need a bigger place!!


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