Watch me WIP {facet+plus QAL #3}


This work-in-progress is dedicated to the gorgeous and short-lived months of Summer… who came in, stole all my sew-jo and didn’t even look back. I really thought I’d get more sewing done, but you know the old saying… “Summer — is today Tuesday or Saturday?” 😜

With that said, TODAY is the Facet+Plus QAL wrap-up and GIVEAWAY and it’s all happening right now! So hop on over to Amanda from This Mom Quilts‘ blog to see her gorgeous quilt reveal and check out the progress being made by the other F+P QAL participants!


Here are some of my progress shots from the QAL so far…

I decided to go with a pretty white and floral fabric for the background with wine and lavender fabrics for my plus signs.
I’m so happy with the way the two purples work together in the facet design of the pluses.
I decided I needed some contrasting color and took a few cues from Amanda’s original fabric selection post and added in the mustard floral and creamy tan fabrics.
I still have a bit of work to go (and a little minor surgery to perform on one of those pluses) but I’m loving the look so far! I didn’t have very much of the floral background and wine colored fabric to begin with, so the top is a lot smaller than I envisioned… I’m thinking of adding a white border with accents of the lavender and possibly the tan too. We’ll see!

Stay tuned for a full blog post on my Facet+Plus QAL when I have it finished! Until then, happy sewing!



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13 thoughts on “Watch me WIP {facet+plus QAL #3}

  1. First you should know that I’m always the person that says, “I don’t like purple”. But this is so pretty. It’s decadent. The mustard and tan were a perfect choice for contrast!


  2. Fall is in the air here, summer is slowly slipping away 😦 I love where your version is headed. It looks great! The addition of the mustard fabric is a great contrast to those lovely purples.


  3. So gorgeous Amanda. I am totally blown by how well the purples and mustards play with the floral background. I’m not much of a floral person, but the background 😍😍😍 is changing all of that! I hear yah on the summer thing. Our summer is so short that it’s a shame to stay inside and sew when it’s nice out! Cheers and thank you so much for sewing along!

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