Vintage florals improv cross quilt


In need of a little quiltspiration for #IGquiltfest‘s work-in-progress prompt, I turned to my Fall 2015 issue of Modern Patchwork magazine. Flipping through, I decided to try my hand at making some improv cross blocks using a cutting technique inspired by the Improv Cross Patchwork Quilt by Darci Sews. I really loved the simplicity of the cross blocks and the cutting and construction seemed incredibly easy. Win-win!

Instead of sticking to the pattern in the magazine, I decided to just wing it… because improv, right?

For the block backgrounds I used six different florals from my vintage linen stash (cut to 10″ squares) – for the crosses, I used six coordinating solids, also from my stash. I cut my coordinating strips between 1.75″ t0 2.5″ thick and about an inch or two longer than the squares.

Step one – cut your square fabric in half on a slight diagonal.

Step two – (no photo) sew your coordinating fabric strip down the middle of both halves to make the vertical section of your cross.

Turn your block horizontal and repeat steps one and two – cutting diagonally through your first cross section. Sew a second fabric strip to the middle of your new halves and complete your cross.

**Make sure your fabric strips are longer than your squares and try not to make your diagonal cut too slanted or you’ll risk your horizotal cross strips being too short… I learned that lesson so you don’t have to. 😀

Trim off the excess strips and square up your block.

I initially only made 24 blocks, but when I assembled them together, the quilt felt like it needed to be wider, so I decided to add one more vertical row of blocks for a total of 30.

I’m so glad I added the extra row – the finished quilt turned out perfectly! I definitely don’t think I’m done with wonky crosses yet… I have a feeling I’ll be making more of these in the future. 💕

I used a pastel pink vintage sheet for the backing. I decided to leave the original satin trim detail on – something I’ve never done before and ended up really loving! A sweet and subtle reminder of what Gypsy Moon Quilt Co is all about.



Here’s a little sneak peek at my current WIP – lilac, florals and lots of diamonds. 💜💐💠



5 thoughts on “Vintage florals improv cross quilt

  1. I’ve always wanted to make one of these and this is makin me want to go start one right now!! But I’ll refrain until a few more things are done and off my conscience. It’s fantastic!


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