#IGquiltfest 2016


Last week I participated in #IGquiltfest on Instagram. — from the creator of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, this week-long quilt photo challenge was hosted by Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side. And it. was. awesome! I was blown away by the talent and amount of love and support from Instagram’s quilting community. Who knew there were that many quilters on IG? It was almost like being part of a secret society (minus the password and handshake… but a girl can dream). The idea of #IGquiltfest was to post a photo of a quilt from your own creation that corresponded with the provided daily prompt.
Here are the daily photo prompts along with my submissions…

Monday: Finally Finished {florals + cream quilt}

The fabric for this quilt was sourced in Texas – the quilt itself was arranged, rearranged (…rearranged some more) and assembled in Florida. But since I don’t consider my quilts REALLY done until they’ve been washed and perfectly crinkled, this one had to wait over a month to be resurrected from storage following a 3,200 mile move to Vancouver, BC then washed and dried before I could consider it finally finished.

Tuesday: Recently Finished {vintage floral scrappy quilts}

These quilts were part of an unplanned package deal. I initially only wanted to make one quilt, but after piecing everything together, I decided to separate the dark and light blocks from each other, opting for two smaller contrasting quilts instead. Double the pretty!

Wednesday: Quilts in the Wild {vintage star quilt}

While I don’t think this prompt was meant to be taken quite so literally, when you live less than five minutes away from this awesomely wild suspension bridge, you round up the tribe and take your quilt for a photo! This was one of the first quilts I made solely using repurposed vintage linens.

Thursday: Fast Finish {blue + orange whole cloth quilt}

It doesn’t get any faster than a whole cloth quilt! My little man needed a blanket for nap time at daycare, so I whipped this one right up. I bought the houndstooth fabric from the sale section of a little fabric shop in Portland (that I’d been hoarding longer than my son has even been alive) and that awesomely 70’s pumpkin orange was cut from a vintage sheet I found in a thrift shop last year (score)!

Friday: WIP {improv cross patchwork quilt}

I came across this lovely quilt in the Fall 2015 issue of Modern Patchwork. I didn’t have a current work-in-progress to post, so I started on this one! Unnecessary side note: The middle floral & cream block has since been ripped and re-sewn given the fact that the cross sections didn’t even come close to matching up and I couldn’t stop seeing the horror of it. Things are looking much better now for that little guy. 💟 A blog post for the Improv Cross Patchwork Quilt is coming soon! Update: Click here for my Vintage Florals Improv Cross Quilt post. 

All the amazing photos from this year’s #IGquiltfest can be found by searching the hashtag on Instagram. I’m already looking forward to next year’s challenge!


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