American seams, florals and creams {happy national quilting day!}

Today was a good day! I was finally able to unpack my quilts and sewing machine from storage + I managed to snap a few photos of my most recent quilt. And just in time too, because I hear it’s Worldwide Quilting Day! 😁

 This lovely little lady was the last of my quilts to be made in America. The fabric was thrift-sourced in Dallas, Texas and the quilt itself was assembled in my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. In other words – she’s as southern as sweet tea and cornbread… bless her heart.

Like all my quilts, this one was made from repurposed materials. In addition to the florals and cream, I initially planned on adding some grays and pink for contrast, but when I finished sewing all the blocks and I started trying to assemble them, I couldn’t stop hating EVERYTHING about it. After a day’s work, the color combinations were all wrong and it just wasn’t working.



This  was one of those moments where I wanted to pack all of my sewing supplies away into a metal chest, set fire to the contents and send it plummeting to the bottom of an alligator infested lake. Instead, I took a few deep breaths and decided to set my Frankenquilt aside.

Four days later I went back. After some reevaluating, I decided there was something I really liked about the cream and floral blocks, but together they only made half a quilt. I was still undecided on how to move forward, but I did want to get a better idea of how the quilt would look using those blocks alone with no contrast. I ended up using a photo app to duplicate the blocks I already had to make them look like a whole quilt.

And I kinda loved it (much to my confusion because – no contrast???). The low volume colors were so sweet and subtle, I felt they really just worked together beautifully. So, I sucked it up and re-made the second half of the quilt top with the remaining floral and cream fabrics.


For the stitching I went with a darker creamy shade to outline the florals and help them pop a little more. I added a few small diamond details to the floral sections and some larger nesting diamonds in the very center of the quilt.

The binding is a combination of all four florals used in the quilt top.

 So, I’m really loving how this one turned out. It’s unlike any quilt I’ve made so far, and that’s pretty great in my book. 😍

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